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Remmy’s Review of Gone are the Days

Gone are the Days. March 2018, Directed by Mark Gould, Featuring Lance Hendrickson, Tom Beringer, Danny Trejo, and Steve Railsback. They say this movie is understated but in my opinion they should have saved the film and cameras for something else. I really like westerns, but when I saw this western I was taken aback. Now I don’t need a lot of killing or gore to like a western, but I do not like an hour of watching a drunk taking heroin, and that is what I got out of this movie.

There were some good and cute scenes in it. The sheriff can hear every word two little boys and a girl is saying as they are planning on raiding his cabin/office for information. Another one is when the protagonist decides to burn down a tree and burns his whole farm down. Of course, booze and heroin can do that.

We are talking about a man that is about to die, and he has one last thing he has to do before dying. A sweet premise for a lousy movie. The acting was good, you will see some well-known faces in it. The kids were great, the old men were… Nah. I give this movie a one out of five, I do not want to see drunks for over an hour on a movie screen.

Remmy’s Review: The Hurricane Heist

The Hurricane Heist – March 2018, You have to wonder about some films. This one lost money at the box office, but I am guessing it was because of the title of the movie. The title was too SyFy Channel for anyone to pay for the theater.

The acting was decent, the action was nonstop, the photography and CGI were excellent and the soundtrack was great. This movie lost a bunch at the box office, and I repeat I think it was because of the title. Yes the title fits the movie but something just didn’t grab audience’s attention.

To be fair it could have been the lack of big-name stars or the timing of when it was released.
Thieves attempt a massive heist against the U.S. Treasury as a Category 5 hurricane approaches one of its mint facilities. What is not to like about the theme? This is not an end of the world flick, this is an actual robbery for six hundred million dollars.

The storyline and science behind this movie were right on. It is an action-packed film that is enjoyable to watch. No foul language, and very little blood, although some scenes may scare little ones if you live on tornado alley or in hurricane territory. I give it 5 out of 5 stars, and I hope everyone watches it,

StevenF Review of At First Light

At First Light was released on March 10, 2018. A small town girl (Kate Burton) is abducted by lights in the sky and returns with strange powers. She is protected and helped by her ex-boyfriend Sean (Theodore Pellerin). When government officials come after Kate, they both try to escape, but fail.

The film goes at a decent pace and the story line is consistent. The acting wasn’t horrible and there were some good moments. Unfortunately, as with most science fiction stories, the science is weak and inaccurate. The CGI for the alien lights was good. The director did a fairly decent job and the sound track was appropriate but a bit boring.

Now, as for my criteria: 1)No, I would not buy it, 2) I really wouldn’t willingly watch it again, and 3) I would recommend it, but with a caveat. If you are a hard core science fiction fan, you might enjoy this film. I give it props for the lack of foul language. I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

StevenF Review of Battle Drone

The action adventure film Battle Drone was released on March 1, 2018 and is rated PG-13. A group of mercenaries are duped into becoming targets for an arms dealers latest armament, remote controlled robotic soldiers. The actors are a group of unknowns so, even though their characters are fairly-well fleshed out, the dialogue is a bit predictable.

There is plenty of action in this movie, some blood but no gore, and some scenes use stop motion action which is pretty interesting. Some elements of the story line I have seen before and were a bit boring. Some scenes were unbelievable, i.e. one guy using a pistol to shoot off the transmitter on a dish antenna from about a 1/2 mile away. One fight scene tended to be repetitious and overly long. I suppose if you are a big fan of action movies, you will be enthralled with this one. I watched it all the way through and was mildly entertained.

Would I buy this film? No. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially if you like action movies. Would I watch it again? Not willingly. As I said, Battle Drone had some interesting technical qualities, but as for logic factors of the story, not so much. I give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5.