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StevenF Review of Enter the Warrior’s Gate

Enter the Warrior’s Gate is a French/Chinese production which was released in the US on May 5, 2017. The story is about a teen boy Jack Bronson (Uriah Shelton) who is a gamer. One night, a Chinese warrior from one of his games appears in Jack’s room and asks him to protect a princess (Ni Ni). When the princess is kidnapped by the bad guys, Jack is magically transported to ancient China to rescue her. He is helped by a wizard and the warrior (Mark Chao).

The acting and directing were good. There were plenty of action scenes and some funny lines. Since the film takes place in a fantasy world, it is not unbelievable that one, or in some scenes two, people would be able to combat hundreds of bad guys. Uriah Shelton, in real life, is a junior tae kwon do expert and his moves reflected this. I was not thrilled with the beginning of the film, but once I understood that it was a video game, I understood why it was put in.

The story line is a bit weak at times, but I am sure that it will appeal to younger audiences, especially boys. There is only one kissing scene and it is near the end of the movie. I give this 3 stars out of 5.