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StevenF Review of Sand Castle

This movie deals with one man’s experiences in the Iraq War in 2003. Sand Castle was released on April 21, 2017. Nicholas Hoult stars as a private assigned to help repair a water station for a village which resents Americans. His illusions about helping the people of the village are shattered by snipers, revenge killings, and sabotage.

The acting was believable and the cinematography was excellent. There were a few battles scenes, but most of the film revolves around the personalities of the soldiers and the Iraqi citizens. It showed the horrors of war and the futility of reconstruction. The battles were spread out to an extent that the movie became more like a documentary. This was the main problem with the film. Some of the battle scenes seemed unrealistic.

Due to the flow of the story line, I really can’t give this 5 stars. The best I can give it is 3 stars and that is because of the acting. One viewing of this film was enough for me.

Remmy Meggs Review of The Reaping

The Reaping was released in April of 2017. Hillary Swank is what my attention to this movie. It did not have great reviews, and most consider it a mediocre movie. Alas, but not I. I am not a Bible thumper and although some of the stories are believable, most are made from legends of other cultures.

Still I had to see what everyone disliked about the film. First off the photography could have been better, but it was above average, the acting was right on, Hillary Swank was excellent! The directing was pretty good. So what was it that others didn’t like? Maybe the Priest in the first seconds of the film, maybe the religious significance didn’t agree with what they haven’t been taught.

I did not look at the movie from that point of view. I took out the religious mumbo jumbo and looked at it as it was written, a downright horror classic, and it is. It kept me on the edge of my chair, I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars, and I will watch it again.

StevenF Review of Mine

The film Mine was released on April 7, 2017. It is a psychological drama which focuses on Mike (Armie Hammer) who has stepped on a mine which does not explode. His friend Tommy (Tom Cullen) kills himself after the mine he steps on blows his legs off. That scene was gory. Having to wait 53 hours for rescue in the desert tests Mike’s mental and physical endurance. He has to fight off wild dogs, thirst, and hallucinations.

The story is very intense and the viewer is drawn into the mind of someone who has trained for almost all combat situations. He tries to maintain his sanity by thinking about his girlfriend and incidences from his past. There are action scenes but are not really bloody. The story is about survival in extreme circumstances. All of the actors were excellent and believable. As a veteran, I sympathize with Mike. I am sure that I would not survive what he endured.

For the most part, the story line was comprehensible and flowed well. The CGI was also very good. With all of this being said, I can not see myself adding this to my collection because of the psychological elements. I rate it 4 stars out of 5. Its worth seeing and may give the viewers an idea of what our troops go through.