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StevenF Review of The Monster

The Canadian thriller The Monster was released on October 6, 2016. Zoe Kazan (Kathy) is a divorced alcoholic mother with a daughter who is basically her caretaker. The daughter is played by Ella Ballentine (Lizzy). While driving Lizzy to her father’s place, apparently across country, the two are in an accident when they hit a wolf crossing the road. While waiting for a tow truck and ambulance, their lives take a horrifying turn.

While watching some of the trailer for this film, I was a bit skeptical about this film. I wasn’t sure if it was a werewolf or alien movie. Since it was rated R, I did expect some bloody scenes. There were some, but the thing that sold me on this movie were the jump scares. Now, normally I am not affected by scenes meant to scare people out of their seats, but this movie had me jumping at least three times. The beginning was a bit slow, but once the two got on the road it got better. The director did a good job and the editing of the film between the past and the present was well done.

The only complaints that I have about this film deals with the foul language and the somewhat cheesy appearance of the title character. The music was good and fed into the tension of the film. I would watch this again and give it 4 stars out of 5.

StevenF Review of Luck-Key

The Korean comedy Luck-Key was released on October 21, 2016. A professional assassin (Hae-jin Yoo) falls in a bath house and gets amnesia. A down on his luck actor (Joon Lee) switches locker keys with him and assumes his identity. When Lee sees a girl (Ji-yeon Lim) on a TV monitor, he falls in love with her and tries to find her, while Yoo becomes a famous TV star.

There is a lot of good comedy and action scenes in this movie. The acting was adequate. I had problems with the directing and the musical score. Korean humor seems to be a bit more conservative than American humor. It reminded me of American comedies of the 1960s. There was very little swearing, which was nice, and the fight scenes were very good. Hae-jin Yoo’s character could have been made clearer. Was he a bad cop or a professional assassin? If he was a cop, where did he get the money to afford all of the weapons, computers, and passports that he had?

The acting was good as I said and I suppose the film was funny. It kept me entertained, though. I would recommend that you watch it. I give it 3 stars out of 5.