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StevenF Review of Mountain Men

If you are a fan of psychological dramas, than Mountain Men is a 2016 Canadian film for you. It is a story of two estranged brothers who get together at their mother’s second wedding. Toph (Tyler Labine) is a local DJ and a petty drug dealer, while his brother Cooper (Chace Crawford) works in a large city for a corporation. Things go wrong when they go to evict a suspected straggler in their family cabin.

The acting was mainly between the two brothers. Their mother (Christine Willes) and Toph’s girlfriend made appearances at the beginning and end of the film and were barely noticed. The photography was excellent and since most of it was taken in the cold snowy mountains, I definitely felt the coldness. The dialogue was believable but, due to the film’s R rating, almost every sentence had foul language. There were a couple of lines that had some subtle comedy, but for the most part the film revolved around the brothers getting along and surviving the cold of the mountains.

The pacing at the beginning of the movie was a bit slow, but it eventually moved at a faster pace. Labine and Crawford were excellent in their portrayals of the two brothers and their attempts to reconcile. The story itself was decent, but I felt it would have been more successful as a two man play. There were no real tension filled moments, which may be attributed to a bland sound track. I would not add this to my collection and I give it 3 stars out of 5.