The film Seven in Heaven was released on October 8, 2018. The basic premise revolves around a party game called “Seven Minutes in Heaven”.  Derek (Jake Manley) deals out some erotic playing cards to determine who goes into the closet. The chosen two are quiet nerd Jude (Travis Tope) and Derek’s girlfriend, June (Haley Ramm). The game, however, takes a different twist when they step out of the closet.

This film is more psychologically scary than gory scary. There are some moments of violence, but nothing really made me jump up in fright. These sort of movies can tend to be boring, depending on what the director decides to emphasize and how long he takes to get to the point he is trying to make. The director for this film did everything right; he didn’t put in superfluous scenes, he had good dialog, and he kept the action going. This film also gets you to think about the nature of reality and the masks some people wear to hide their real selves.

Some other characters who were worth noting are Nell (Clark Backo), Jude’s girlfriend, Kent (Dylan Everett), Jude’s best friend, and Mr. Wallace (Gary Cole) the school guidance counselor. Each character was believable and interesting. The one thing that would have made most of the characters more believable was if real teenage actors had been used for the teen characters. I don’t know if it is because of lack of good teen stars or young adults (20+ year olds) bring in more cash. What ever the reason, I am advocating for the use of teens to play teens in film. I give this five stars out of five. I would watch this again and would suggest it to others.

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