I will explain what Ronan Parke has to do with my book Changes in a couple of minutes. If you do not know who Ronan Parke is,

Ronan Parke

Ronan Parke

I will be happy to tell you. Ronan started out in the big time on Britain’s got Talent (BGT), he was 12 years old (Born August 8 1998 A.D.) He skyrocketed to fame in just a few weeks, and got a recording contract with Sony Records. Although that contract isn’t live now, Ronan still records, does concerts all over the world and even though his voice changed, it doesn’t seem to have hurt his career.

Now what does he have to do with my book Changes? A lot and I hope a lot more as time goes on. Of course I am being hopeful but we all have our dreams. It has taken over ten years to write Changes. During the writing of it, I heard Ronan on BGT. It just so happened I was looking for a character, not actually a part of the story, but a major figure in it (you will have to read the book to figure that out!). When I heard Ronan, I said that’s it. Now the character had to be pure Roman, young and could sing like an angel. Ronan played the perfect character for my book. I made literary changes of course. The Character Giovanni was pure Roman so he had to be a dark, hairless boy of eleven, but he sang like Ronan Park. Clear, distinct and in just a few notes make you tear in happiness, and his sheer presence of excitement, on and off stage, would light up your life.

In the last two years I changed the title of the book to Changes, because of the drastic changes in the earth we are seeing in our lives, right now, which is portrayed in the book. One night I woke up out of a deep sleep. Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I went to the computer and started my music up. My mind wanted me to search for music. Odd how that works, searching for songs you do not know (I have over 28,000 on this computer). Usually I would go to Billboard for the latest songs, but I didn’t that night. I came across David Bowie’s Changes. I thought to myself ‘that song fits the my book too closely.’ Of course I started looking at copyrights and what could I do. Well it seems I couldn’t use Bowie’s version but I could use a cover in all countries except Germany.

Changes Cover

Changes Cover

As I found a cover by Butterfly Boucher, I was thinking I wanted Ronan Parke to sing it so the words are clear and distinct, and Ronan can add an excitement to it that the original never had. So a few weeks ago I asked him to do a cover of Changes. I actually got a reply. Not exactly what I was hoping for, but at least he didn’t say no.

As an author coming out with my second book, it is exciting to find a song that comes close to what the book is about. To have someone like Ronan sing that cover, would be icing on the cake for any author that writes like I do.

With sales picking up slow but sure each month on Legacy Grapes of Rome, I have some expectations for my new book Changes.  Imagine a cover by Ronan who is one of the lead characters in the book. Wow. Well that is my dream. If not I will survive, but each day I hope for the best, I am lucky enough that a few people saw me as an author in the first place. Thank you my supporters. This year 2016 promises so far to have three novels released by me, Changes, Affairs of War (which is not a war you will recognize)  and Foundation Grapes of Rome. I am blessed to have the friends I do, and the talent God gave me for telling a story. I do not care if you like Ronan Parke or not, but if you do not, don’t watch him, just buy his music. I hope all your dreams come true.

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2 Thoughts on “Ronan Parke and my Book ‘Changes’

  1. Mel Leach on March 7, 2016 at 4:33 am said:

    I’ve got my fingers crossed that Ronan can pull it off.

  2. pauly10 on March 7, 2016 at 3:23 pm said:

    Let’s hope he manages to do it but either way your books are awesome anyway 🙂

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