If you have read some of my previous reviews, you may probably be aware that I am not a big fan of horror/psychological movies, so I watched this April 2015 movie with some trepidation.
The outline of the story is that a couple are forced to use a new babysitter after their regular one lets them down. The new sitter does however come with good references, so nobody is overly concerned. She makes a good first impression and she is left alone with the three children. Right away you soon realise that something is not quite right, and things start going unusual to say the least.
The storyline had me on the edge of the seat right from the start and I was genuinely scared for the children all the way through. The three children all play their parts well, but Jacob (Joshua Rush) plays the grumpy 11-year old convincingly well. It is however Sarah Bolger, playing the lead, who steals the show with some superb acting. There are some gruesome moments during the movie, but it is not over the top, and anyone with a pet guinea pig should look away during one scene 😉
This is an easy 5/5 score from me.


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2 Thoughts on “Paul’s Review of Emelie

  1. Remmy2013 on September 2, 2018 at 7:13 am said:

    Bloody and scary and more blood and the edge of your seat horror. I love movies like this, It made me jump several times, knowing full well at least two of the kids were going to be murdered. The third was going to be kidnapped. I think the acting by the children was over the top, and so believable you knew they were going to die, but what can you do? it’s a movie! Anyone that is thinking of using a babysitter for whatever reason should watch this before they do.

  2. Steven F on September 2, 2018 at 2:05 pm said:

    If I had kids, there is no way in heck I would leave them with a babysitter after this.

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