Extinction (July 2018) This movie is loosely based on a Stephen Hawking prediction. I am not going to tell you what prediction though, but it is not a good one. A man, Peter (Michael Pena) is having horrible nightmares.  Aliens, dead bodies, people getting blown to bits. Nice and bloody, but life is precious, and Read More →

Every once in awhile I have to point out that any and all movie reviews from this site are seen before a review is made. Before this movie was released there were over 200 reviews of it, mostly bad. The writers here always watch a movie before reviewing it, and we do not let other Read More →

The Marder 2, a 1988 German Tank with a tiny pop pop pop gun is underestimated. This little tank can do some damage, but alas, it doesn’t have much in the way of armor. Take a look at this vehicle that I purposely unleashed in a battle! +11

Rampage (April 13 2018) The thing I dislike about recent Dwayne Johnson movies is that for the most (Jumanji excluded) when he should be trying to save a city, or a country, his movies have been about saving a friend or family, and in this movie it is an ape. Yes the story line seems Read More →