I Do Reviews for your book!

book-reviewWe all want five-star reviews from verified purchasers.  If you want me to read your novel, please have it in English, edited first, then formatted properly.  If I like it, you will get 5 stars. Things I take stars off for: Bad formatting, lack of editing. No book is perfect, however, if it is plain to see you put no effort into editing and formatting, I will take a star off for each of those.

I will buy your book (Verified Purchase) and you will buy mine. This way Amazon will approve the reviews quickly.

We will approve each other’s review before they are posted.

I will put the review on this blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Digg, and Amazon. Not only that, I will push those reviews through this website. In return, you will read and Review my books on Amazon USA, UK, EU and AUS, and preferably Goodreads. I take great pride in my reviews because I actually read the book!

Email: remmymeggs at gmail dot com



Agree to review one of these full-length novels:

Legacy Grapes of Rome 


















Saving Tomorrow















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