In 2005 the first person shoot em up video game Doom was at its pinnacle.  In October of 2005 the movie came out featuring Dwayne Johnson, it must have been his pinnacle to because since then he has played the good guy in many films. I am not so sure he was the good guy in most of them, which brings us to his part in Doom. Johnson plays himself s usual, there is no acting here.  Karl Urban, Doctor McCoy (2009) to most of you plays a great role. It took me by surprise. I tried to play Doom with no luck so after 30 days I got rid of it. In the film, there are about 2 minutes of first-person shoot em up, but the rest of the movie is great. I will let you murderers play that game.

There is action from the beginning of this film and it never lets up, several times scenes made me jump. It is too bad it took me all these years to watch it. I rate the movie 4.5 out of 5.

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3 Thoughts on “Doom

  1. pauly10 on September 2, 2018 at 6:22 am said:

    I don’t know why they decide to make movies from video games, it doesn’t make sense to me as I’m sure they can never get the right feel you would playing it yourself?
    This does look good though, and as I like Dwayne Johnson I will probably give it a watch.

    • OK, after watching it, it was definitely worth watching. They have made a good movie from the franchise and the action is pretty much non-stop. 4/5 from me.

  2. Steven F on September 2, 2018 at 2:10 pm said:

    I’m not big on movies based on video games, but this does look like it has potential. There seems to be enough action in it. I think it may make me forget it is based on a game. Worth watching.//Watched it last night. It was good until the shooting sequence near the end. It was done like a video game which spoiled the feel of the movie.

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