Tales of Halloween was released on October 16, 2015. It is a collection of ten short films concentrating on the residents of a small town and the odd things and creatures that go bump in the night. Andrienne Barbeau does not physically appear in the movie, but her voice is used as the Narrator. There Read More →

The film I Am Number Four was released on February 18, 2011. It is the first installment of a six book series of young adult science fiction. It was also the first movie by Dreamworks which was released through Touchstone/Disney Pictures. Unfortunately, only one of the main characters was an actual teenager at the time Read More →

This film was originally titled Shelter and was released in 2010. The movie was released in the USA on March 1, 2013 and the title was changed to 6 Souls. Dr. Cara Harding (Julianne Moore) is a forensic scientist who believes in God. Her father (Jeffrey DeMunn) is a scientist who deals with multiple personalities Read More →

The Angel (Sept 2018) There is no James Bond in real life, regardless¬†of what you believe. Now I am not one into war movies or spy movies. After I saw James Bond, I said no more Brussel Sprouts, that was my last spy movie. There are agents that each¬†day tries to save our lives and Read More →