The Science of belly buttons, or Belly Button Science, has mostly been overlooked around the world. We take it for granted that it is a part of birth where the umbilical cord goes from the mother to the child and then when the child is born it is cut off, leaving the belly button. But Read More →

My dad worked for a famous hotel chain as a sales trainer. That meant that every six to eight weeks we went from one city to another or one country to another. Since I did not go to a regular school I never missed out on gifts during the holiday season, mainly because I had Read More →

Every couple of days my mom sends me a fart joke. It has to be something from her Southern background, Kentucky, Michigan places like that. Or as she has told many people, she is not of this earth. Usually I do not repost these jokes because they are downright disgusting. I have to wonder about Read More →

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