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Remmy’s Review of Then Came You

Then Came You, 1 February 2019, Rated PG, Asa Butterfield (A list of films including Boy in the Striped Pajamas) as Calvin, and Maisie Williams (Ayra Game of Thrones) as Sky. This is a loving but bittersweet film about two late teens that meet at a group session for those dying.

There is plenty of comic relief, as Calvin thinks he is dying of all sorts of maladies. Sky who is dying takes Calvin under her wing and shows him how life should be led. Not always the most appropriate, but still fun.

Some people may find this film a little slow in parts, but it is not, it is trying to show you what people go through in their last days. Sky is making a list (that she keeps adding to) that she wants to accomplish before she passes on.

To accomplish that list, she must get Calvin to go along with her. After all, he needs it just as much as she does.

The acting, especially by Sky was above par, the photography and directing were great, the editing was fine. This is a movie you really need to see, but bring tissues. 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Remmy’s Review of Bushwick

Bushwick, 25 August 2017, rated TV-MA, America is not prepared for an attack. Period. Even if we were, it is too late. We know we are going to be attacked, and it won’t be a little revolution, no it will be a full-out attack where women and children, as well as men, are shot on sight.

But a revolutionary war? Come on, is that even possible? Well, my friend yes it is. Texas and other states have already threatened to secede, but would they really go so far as to go to war? I think they would. After all, they have done it before.

Bushwick is a suburb in New York City where the action takes place. According to the script it is going on all over the United States. Who wins in this war? The movie doesn’t go into that, but you might be surprised at what it does go into.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. Watch it and prepare!

Speaking of Friends

I can count people I know as less than 100, I can count people I consider friends on one hand. When the site crashed a few months ago, I did not realize it did not include those friends when Steve, Paul and I worked hard to put the site back up. I did notice it tonight and rectified it. Welcome back to all of you. I wish you would have told me you stopped getting emails from the site long ago. Oh well, you are back now and welcome.

If you consider yourself a friend of mine, I may not know it. Please Email me, or message me here, and I will add you posthaste.

Remember the password I set is temporary so please change your password to one you will remember.

Remmys look at the M1 AGDS

For the life of me, I have no idea how you guys can create and upload 3-8 tank videos a week. Where do you find the time? Take a look at this premium tank that at the current time is not available, but it will be back.

The M1 AGDS is a premium tank that is not available right now but maybe you can get it in the future. Take a look!

Conquest Grapes of Rome Chapter 11

As the battle of the Gauls heats up Lucius and Dante are prepared. Spio has full control of his troops. The Generals, although not happy with the situation will do their job. War is on the horizon.

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Remmy’s Review of Prodigy

Prodigy March 13, 2018, rated MA. First, do not confuse this with the 2019 movie The Prodigy. This is a psychological trauma movie that was very deep, Sci-fi. Not sure what was sci-fi about it, but oh well.

Let me give you a little background. I have been afraid, traumatized by a red-haired girl since I was four years old. She was my teenage cousin, and during this movie, it all came back to me. So in my defense, I see anyone, boy or girl, with red hair I think several things, demons, monsters, death.

Steven suggested we watch this and the first thing I saw was that red hair, evil incarnate. OK, I will watch it, but that is as far as it goes. After watching it, I wanted to do the review. After the first few minutes, I found out the evil incarnate was locked up in a government security facility as if that would help, which it doesn’t. Evil incarnate could escape at any point she wanted, that is how evil is.

I knew none of the actors/tresses and it wouldn’t matter I would give it a whopping -3 stars from the get-go. However, much to my surprise I thought I would be fair. The girl, very dangerous evil, was slated to be put down and then they were going to dissect her to find out what caused it all. GOOD JOB I couldn’t have thought any different. But that alone sparked my attention, why would someone with so much evil power allow themselves to be killed and dissected? I actually expected that they would kill her and during the dissection, her true self would come out. Oddly the girl wasn’t fighting that. She knew what was going to happen and evil was just going to let it go at that. Odd.

I was wrong about this movie (not so girls and boys with red hair it will take more than one movie to change that, after all Dallas Bryce Howard was in two Jurassic world movies and ruined them both.) EVIL

I will let you decide. I give this movie 4 our of 5 stars.

Remmy’s Review of The Prodigy

The Prodigy 8 February 2019, rated R, those in the UK under 30 y.o need not watch. In the Western World, we discount reincarnation, because most of us never experience it. In other countries, namely third world countries they believe in it. Oddly it seems it is because Christianity said reincarnation was not real and it was taboo. However, even in their own books reincarnation is very real.

In this film, Robert Jackson Scott plays Miles, a sweet little kid. Is this a horror movie? I think so, I jumped enough even when I knew what was going to happen. The casting director was excellent. The Directing was excellent, The kid played a kid and an adult very well. The photography and editing were above par.

If you like movies like this, then you should put it on your list. If you do not like horror and bloody death, then skip it, keep your sanity. This is not a film for the meek or timid, well unless of course, you like that kind of thing.

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars and hope you don’t eat or drink while watching it. You may not survive.