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Remmy’s Review of Time and Tide, Book 1: Changing Tides by Seth A. Feldman

Remmy Meggs5.0 out of 5 stars

A fantasy book that seems realistic

March 29, 2018Format: Kindle Edition

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Time and Tide, Book 1: Changing Tides by Seth A. Feldman.

Feldman creates a new world to delve into. We have a sixteen-year-old girl that must leave home, do to no fault of her own, and is drawn into a quest. She and her companion travel this new land, a land she is not familiar with to find a man who may help them. There are no heroes in the book, except for the human initiative.

I loved the fact that the characters seemed real, each had their good points and bad points, which also makes for the well-rounded character(s). Feldman is descriptive in this journey, some may not like that, but I enjoyed seeing the country that no one has seen before.

Of course, there are bad guys and women, and they are not typical villains. These are worst of the bad, in a kingdom of waning peace. Feldman brings it all to life and makes you want more. There are some blood and guts, and things that will wrench your heart, but actually it is pretty mild violence. There were a few vulgar words in it, but nothing to harm or detract from the story. I think they could have been left out, and personally, I would have, just to get a wider audience. I did not see any humor in the book, but all the other human emotions are there.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, created for 16 and up. For those that like to live on the edge of fantasy and nightmares, this is a book, not only for you but for the masses. – Remmy Meggs 2018 remmymeggs dot com

Originally posted March 28, 2018

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Remmy’s Review of SAMSON

Samson 2018, PG-13 The writing of this fairy tale was less than par, within the first minute, Samson and his kin steals corn of all things. Corn that came into existence on Turtle Island, now known as the United States, there was no way they had corn in the Philistine countries. In the first hour we see the Philistines with acres of corn stalks. Not likely.

But keeping this fairy tale going,  the story of David and Goliath (Goliath being a Philistine) so the bible says, but Goliath was the son of the Nephilim one hunred years after Samson, or so we are told. An ogre with no education, he was dumb and like all of the ogres of old, which either were trained to be warriors or used as cattle. Like most ogres, they are not that bright, and they have a short temper. Can you name a famous American that has those traits and is over six foot tall? Granted not all Ogres are this dumb or bad, but they all have short tempers, must be a lack of oxygen to the brain to create seratonin.

Hercules is the same. They say his father was Zeus (Greek mythology) was actually the son of another Nephilim.  Then comes Samson, (Hebrew) and you find that there are many similarities in the stories Coincidences or lies?

Every country wants their heroes. Even Americans have their fictitious heroes, but the human spirit wants a hero that will save us from the injustices of the hierarchy that runs the world. As in almost all Christian stories, there are always the evil women to bring a man down.

Although the writing was terrible because they did not use historical knowledge of the time period nor did they use any logic, the acting was almost good, the photography was excellent and the directing and editing standard, I thought it was a good movie. I rate this 3 out of 5 stars but remember all of the stories are pure fiction, and this is where Marvel and D.C. got their ideas for heroes. Of course you are ordered to believe this fairy tale or risk going to hell for not being a believer, or so we are told.