I have added new share icons to the site. This should greatly improve sharing posts you like, and I am not finished, I still have some work to do on them, but now you can subscribe right from the share icons, join or share on facebook and twitter and of course Google+ if you would Read More →

Can you answer these simple questions from Legacy – Grapes of Rome? Can you remember what you read? Four questions worth 5 points each for a total of 20 points if you get them right. Grapes of Rome +21

Annihilation (Feb 2018) A sci-fi film that is different. Yes, different, you won’t find any space monsters here, but you will find something unexplainable. Everyone loves something that is unexplainable. Yet the more you see, the more confused you will be. An alien force, not a monster, is taking over the earth in a very strange way. Read More →

When we were little I loved playing ball of any kind, including the silly English football/soccer. Paul was not so good at it, and by middle school, even though the rest of us played constantly, Paul would opt out. I always thought Paul wanted to be an actor. After all, I have plenty of pictures Read More →

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