I present RemmyMeggs.com . You will see unusual things here, from posts on my books to discussing, human rights, children and their rights, animal rights, music and other things important to me like, the beauty of the earth, science, and those that cannot speak for themselves, maybe even articles, who knows I also have reviews Read More →

Title: Legacy – Grapes of Rome Author: Remmy Meggs Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: RWP Books Release Date: 10/12/2015 Format: Pasperback, Kindle Pages: 314 Source: Amazon.com As the son of a Roman General and Statesman, he was destined to become an officer in his father’s army, learn to run the family business, and marry. This was Read More →

Title: Perfect Timing Author: Jeffery Smith Genre: Sci-Fi Release Date: 04/2017 Format: Mobi Pages: 290 Source: Amazon.com Accidentally transported to the future, caterer Crik escapes house-arrest with Tepper, his possible distant descendant. While pursued by volunteer vigilante Voltak, goofball Crik explores Geotopia-where buildings grow, people incorporate animal powers, smart phones know it all, and vehicles Read More →

Released Feb 2016 in UK (2015) Before we start, I have to point out that the author, or maybe it was the director at fault, either way one scene, the most disgusting scene in the movie, was taken out of the Roman Republic era death for men who raped children. Okay on with the movie. Read More →

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